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Wednesday, 29th August 2021 - 9.00pm


Join SRI LANKA'S FIRST NEUROSCIENCE BASED CAREER GUIDANCE Virtual initiative and get expert guidance on how to quickly find your fingerprint-specific career path to best fit your exact personality and discover your inner talents for lightning speed  career prospects.

STOP Wasting time, changing careers/businesses, after years when you realize that's not working for you...

Learn the powerful neuroscience-based human brain triggers to identify your soul print (your personal blueprint) and plan your career that could take you to great heights in the fastest possible time so that you can build the career (and the life) you’ve been dreaming of.

The latest scientifically proven FRAMEWORKS that could laser focus on planning a career path for almost anyone you can imagine irrespective of their age, personality or background.

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Why You Need This...

And Why You Need It Now!

Most people are only the thermometer of their own life… letting the outside world control the temperature, and simply reacting. This might seem easier now… but what does it cost you long term?

What if you became the thermostat and gained control over your circumstances?

Think about it… how often do you wake up feeling in your gut that there’s more for you but you're missing out on life because you're going through the motions rather than claiming what life has for you?

In order to truly gain ownership over your success and your legacy, you must explore and pivot into NEW strategies. We live in a new world… which used to work simply doesn’t anymore.

We are on a mission to help 10,000+ individuals like you this year and 100,000+ by the end of 2022 by enabling life-transforming technology, products, and services that will divert you away from what's holding you back from achieving your financial goals and dream life.

Walkthrough with scientifically proven methods and technologies for helping people strengthen their mental and emotional abilities and skills to help them remove the obstacles preventing them from reaching their fullest potential. 

And at the end of the session, you'll walk away with new clarity and a plan for using the knowledge and life experience you already have to take ownership of your success, your happiness, and your future.


A recent study shows that only 33% of graduates work in an industry that's related to what they learned.

That means 67% enter into different industries from what they study.

The saddest part is that out of the 33% employed in the same industry on what they studied, 50% are NOT Happy with their job.

In a situation like this can you expect them to perform well in an organization or achieve the dreams of their life?

Imagine if You Could...

Start Earning What You Deserve

Reach your Mental and Emotional Fitness Goals

Conquer your Fear of Failure

How about a scientifically proven methodology to train & strengthen your mental & emotional skills that will help you plan your future and achieve what you want?

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Sri Lanka's 1st & Only Neuroscience based Career Guidance Virtual Session

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Recognize & Release Your Biggest Fears Fast

The Secret To Turning Fear Into Fuel For Your Success

Proven Methods Based On Cutting-Edge Brain Research

Identify Your Hidden Talents & Strengths

Plan Your Fingerprint Specific Career to Best Suit Your Personality

Learn The Emerging Trends in The World

How To Stay Focused & Face Any Challenges in Life

How To Get What You Want in Life

How to Ovecome Procrastination Forever

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